Build from scratch

As you may have noticed, we have changed up the design for our app, the best part being we’ve removed all the zooming/panning, unfortunately this means that all our design concepts and guidelines are obsolete. Our design director for the new app and media store, David Welters, has taken the time to create a new app design that will focus on ease of use and usability. You can read more about this in our blog post here.

The first team member of our new mobile app team is none other than our brains behind the mAware e-commerce platform. Michael Nicholas, brought the wealth of knowledge in building online e-commerce stores to his new role as head of our site.

A sub-class of MVP is a Mobile App which consists of multiple app types (e.g. Maps). A single Mobile App component works in one or more of the app types (e.g. Maps), and may work in any existing mobile app component (e.g. Radio, Messaging). Mobile App components are also known as Card, and are more flexible in that they can support for high-level components and other sub-components.