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For many, the mobile application is a vital element of personalisation and personalisation is a long standing strategy of all large organisations, whether they want to achieve it or not. The main reason for using the mobile device as a tool to manage sales is the fact that it offers a new way of engagement with customers. This tactic that management groups are utilizing is moving from main customer device to smaller devices to reach niche groups of customers. In these groups, their natural ability to change devices is reduced. In fact, that process of onboarding customers using different platforms (mobile or desktop), will often mean that they don’t feel as welcomed as they were in the current device.

This factor is the most important one to consider for every startup as mobile app is a huge platform for a company and hence matters a lot more than typical website. The real problem that startup faces is that for a startup website, it requires designing and development within the limited time span of a mere 15-20 days. Therefore, only few startups decide to move to mobile platform and at the same time they get overloaded on how they can optimize their app development for the mobile web.

A fine line between development and layout is crucial for every mobile app development and there is no perfect solution. There are many services out there like Bootstrap which provides a quick and painless mobile app development with Bootstrap UI Builder and others.

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