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WordPress website single page application page is its page where you must login to the site as you would expect with a browser or a connection. This user is an admin user who has enabled editing functionality. These changes can be removed and revised by an admin user without losing the current state of the application. This is a security measure for the site to ensure that only an authenticated user can make changes to the site.

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You can find the typical search engines information through the bottom right (Menus, Home, Photos, etc.), but in case you want a more detailed look at what are you visiting, you have to jump up.

Here you will see a very clear sidebar that presents the Most Popular Categories, Search Results, Popular Places, etc. Also on the top you can access Filters, Similar Sites, Explore, Backlinks, and Personal Pages. There are also in the left side section, Portfolio, User Profiles, and User-defined Templates.

Having said that, a user can have an agenda on an application so they can decide how they want things to go. A user can make changes to this agenda but still remember the original agenda. To do this, the application need some way of getting an authenticated user’s agenda in the event they make a change.