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The demand for yoga exercises increased with the outbreak of Covid-19 as governments of many countries enforced lockdown to curb the spread and people needed to stay fit by exercising at home. As yoga can be practiced in confined spaces, it was one of the most preferred exercises during the lockdown.
Multiple health benefits related to yoga, celebrity endorsement & promotion of yogic practices, and initiation of international yoga day and other supportive government initiatives drive the growth of the global yoga market. However, presence of other alternatives including fitness centers, multi-specialty gym, and therapy classes and surge in number of yoga accidents hinder the market growth. On the other hand, mental benefits to deal with a hectic lifestyle and increase in stress present new opportunities for the market across the world.
A peaceful, preferably dark or dimly-lit room, soft-music and candle-light just complete the picture. Oh, and did we mention adding fragrant essential oil diffuser or oils for the finishing touches?
Restorative yoga poses are often performed in a reclined or seated position, with limbs and parts of the torso supported by blankets, pillows, or padded bolsters that resemble a sofa cushion. Poses are held much longer than in other styles of yoga, each for seven to 15 minutes.
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